Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Walking Tour, June 6 (Day 6)

At this point Paris was beginning to win my heart, I couldn’t wait to have a guided tour through Paris on foot, however I knew a 3 hour walk would take a good toll on my but i was ready to kill it. Got on the road to meet the 11:00am tour, and was on time just to start the tour, our tour guide warned us of a high possibility of rain, and immediately there was a frenzy to get umbrella’s, the tour began at the foot of the fountain at St Michel, a stature of Angel Michael casting Lucifer out of heaven
, we learnt the story of the Latin quarters and why it’s called that till this day, walked a little further and we could see the 850 yrs old cathedral of Nostre Dame, Kept walking through the Seine river (The dirtiest I have ever seen and believe me when I say I have seen dirty rivers), from there we walked under the Pont Neuf bridge, which means new bridge but is the oldest standing bridge, saw the old Kings Palace turned prison and later Nazi torture camp, Heard the story of Henry IV and his assassination, walked through the love bridge and the Musée du louvre, the walk ended after we passed the place where the Head of the German army was captured by the French resistance and later made to sign a treaty to free Paris, we saw the public square where the guillotine was (Dr Guillotine, the founder of the dreaded instrument taught was the most humane way 2 die), it was the same place Marie Antoinette was beheaded. Over 1400 beheadings were carried out during the revolution, after the German invasion, the Nazis had to outlaw public execution, cause they felt it was barbaric (yes same Nazis you know) After the tour, we could not resist the lures of the Notre Dame and had to visit it and she the treasures that lied inside, like most old cathedrals in Paris it was massive and a beautiful piece of art, we took pictures both inside and outside, when we were done we walked through the souvenir stores of St Michel and made our way back home, as I said yesterday I could not resist the Eiffel and so I went there and climbed over 650 flight of steps to the second stage of the Eiffel. By the time i was on my way back with my crew (lol) my leg seemed to have a mind of its own and was walking faster than my brain could process, got back and was ready to hit the sacs.... wait before I do that i need to climb this flights of stairs to the 3rd floor, well I made it. Goodnight guys!