Monday, June 10, 2013

Château de Versailles:Day 8: Saturday June 8, 2013

The last day in Paris, the day kept moving faster than anybody could ever think. Kay and I decided rest for a while; do part of our write up at the hostel in the morning and join the other members of the group at Château de Versailles. We set out by 1pm but on getting to champ de mars we didn’t check the train name thinking RATP operation mechanisms is that same as Metro and ended up entering the wrong train.  Thank God the same train will return us back to our start point; we got back, checked the name of the right train and finally got to Versailles. The lesson here is that never assume all system operates the same way, make sure you double check you on the right path not to waste useful time. Versailles is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France about 30 minutes train trip from Paris but took us about an hour plus the waiting time. It is very interesting to see the extravagant life style of the French royal family. The palace was too big, the interior designs, architecture, sculptors, painting are flamboyant in nature that I imagine how much it would have cost to build the palace.
We spent about two and half hours just to see a section of the palace and small part of the royal garden which was done by the best landscaper in France. The magnificent Versailles garden cover a mighty 800 hectares of land with more than 50 fountains, several statues of bronze and marble and a multitude of beautiful tree formations. In fact, you can view the garden from the second floor of the palace. On our way back to the hostel, we had dinner at a restaurant called Chez César at Versailles. This was the first time I had chicken in my menu in France. I am glad to have made it to Château de Versailles. Lastly, on our return to the hostel we met some members of the group cooking and the day ending in what I can call the “Last Super in Paris”