Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Walk Through Amsterdam, June 18 (Day 18)

The main objective for today is to get interviews conducted for my research paper, I had located some potential sports shop to interview but I had not mastered the routes to walk around Amsterdam yet but was ready to start learning. I woke up to a good work out with Matthew and Trey Allen, which was the best workout I had had on the trip, after breakfast, myself and Leke planned to conduct some interviews and tried to locate some sports shops and wine stores with the help of Google map and the physical map before setting out for the day. Conducting interviews in Amsterdam was a lot easier than in Brussels and Paris, one, because almost everyone spoke English and two, because the people there were a lot more friendly to tourist especially when compared to Paris (The only thing Parisians hate more than work is tourist, especially those who cannot say a word or two in French). The Interviews went really good and we felt accomplished for the day.