Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Museum day, June 14 (Day 14)

At this point I was already two weeks into the most amazing trip of my lifetime, an adventure that had seen no rival. We got our Museum passes at breakfast that morning and was ready to hit the train station and storm as many museums as possible. Our first stop was the Museum of Natural Science, it welcomed us in with the statue of a dinosaur, as we walked in, at the lobby looking into the sky was the bones of one of those prehistoric big birds. The journey through the museum went from meteorites, stones, radioactivity, soil science and then to pre historic animals and how some of them were discovered, after that i went to the different kinds of animals section, both land and sea, and couldn’t be more amazed at God’s wonderful creation. I left the museum to join Leke who had gone to meet an old time friend of his at the mall, got there had a plate of Chinese rice and a big piece of chicken, we chilled for a few minutes with Leke them reminiscing on old times. After we left the mall we headed straight for mini Europe and the Antomium, but was disappointed when we got to mini Europe and was told we can’t see both because of time, we choose to go see the antomium instead which proved to be a better choice because from the top of the atomium we could see mini Europe through a telescope I had put 50 cents in (Brilliant, you would say). The antomium itself didn’t hold many memorable moments but was glad it was cancelled off our to do list. The journey back was smooth and I decided to turn up a bit on the last day in Brussels by going to Delirium and Celtics at the grand royal.