Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walking Tour: A walk through the city and the amazing “Red Light District”, June 16 (Day 16)

Started the morning with a brief orientation after another lovely breakfast at the StayOkay hostel. Had some plans to go to church that day after the walking tour, one of the tour guides came over to our hostel to pick us up and take us to the Dam square where the walking tour was suppose to take place, we meet other groups when we got there and were divided into groups, we started the walking tour with a large scream of “I Love Amsterdam” and a few history of the city, from there we went to the famous “Red Light District” which was next door to a 600 yr old church (Ironic). It was said the history of the the district was tied to the church as it was rumoured that the ladies that worked their trade there were the mistresses of one of the fathers in the church. From there we proceeded to the Jewish quarters where they talked about the Dutch trade, tolerance and the invasion by Spain, the French and eventual occupation of Netherlands by the German Nazis, it was indeed a dark time for the Netherlands and Europe as a whole. We went to many other interesting places like the cannabis college, the sex museum and a few other places. When the tour was over we were totally clueless of the direction back home and had to ask the tour guide for the best way home. Either she sent us the wrong way or we were not listening but myself and Erica turned a 45 minutes journey to a 2 and half our journey, we git back to the hostel and was tired to the bone. Well needless to say that we didn’t go to church on that day as the plan for it fell apart. After dinner, I took another stroll around town as I could not have enough of it, got back and got straight on my computer to say hi to my loved ones.