Friday, June 14, 2013

First day of Museum, June 7 (Day 7)

We got our museum pass after breakfast today and was time to set out to see the world through the eyes of the artists. The Lourve and d’Orsay museum where the first museums to catch my fancy and was happy I was able to go to their before any other museum. The first one we went to was the Musee du Lourve, and it was a massive and impressive museum, It used the be the palace of Louis the XIV and so was furnished and designed accordingly for a king, had the grandeur and royalty only a French king can boast off. We got there and I immediately spotted a girl practicing are capoiera, I joined are for a minute and spared with her, it’s surprising how accepted capoiera was in Paris. I got inside the museum through the Lourve pyramids (Pyramide du Louvre) which is a large glass and metal pyramid, surrounded by three smaller pyramids, in the main courtyard of the Louvre Palace (Cour Napoléon) and could only marvel at the wide collection of works they had at the museum, when we walked in we saw a very huge statue of Venus, an angel without a head and I had a good view of Mona Lisa, although I must confess it wasn’t the most impressive picture at the museum but it was by far the most viewed as people were trooping there in numbers just to get a picture, which I must confess i also did(to fulfil righteousness), although it was a small portrait but you could see that Davinci was a perfectionist, getting every stroke and shades right to give Mona Lisa the perfect shade and look.
I went from there into another room that had that use to be Napoleon’s chamber, it was a large oval room with the ceiling covered with arts I could never appropriately describe with words, I saw a painting in the adjacent room that had a man drawn up by the devil, a woman who i suppose was his wife wiped profusely, another girl was pulling the mother back and a baby was on the woman (wife’s) chest crying for breast milk without a care in the world for what was happening to its father, a clear indication to me that the artist (David Louis) could be talking about what is priority to different people, from that room we went into the treasure room of the kings and then to the Roman arts all the way to Egyptian arts.
We left the Lourve through the 5th pyramid which was inverted and beneath it was suppose to burn the eternal flames, which a tour guide told me was extinguished because some Australian tourist tried to roast barbeque on it (Funny right). From there we went to Musee d’orsy, which also featured the works of interesting artist such as Vincent Van Gogh, who was said to be between genius and eccentric ( like many other artists). Myself and Leke (by the way that’s my partner in crime) left the d’orsy for a tour of PSG stadium, we saw the VIP rooms, trophy rooms, dressing room and the stadium and I could swear i saw Ibrahamovic try to score from a becam cross (Lol), conducted an interview with the store manager and left for the hostel. The day ended by us going back home and then going to the Latin Quarters to spend the rest of the night, came back met this cool guy called Leonardo Mendes Stadler from Brazil we jisted all night and called it a night.