Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Winding down, June 20 (Day 20)

I spent the day conducting interviews at accent store, Puma and Nike store. There really wasn’t much to do today so I just killed time by walking around the city a bit before coming back to the hostel to start a short term relationship with my bed, I slept for about 2 hours before my class had to meet for the next activity of the day. At 5:30 pm we met with Zoe d’Amaro, a seasoned marketing consultant who had worked with most of the big companies like, Nike and Addidas ads and knew the ropes around there marketing campaign and strategy. She eventually decided she wanted to make ads, jingle and documentaries to address the social ills especially in Europe, with that decision she partnered with one of her friends and formed Godmother Films. Since it had been formed the company had been formed it has partnered with some of the most socially aware organizations such as green peace to create ads that would make big brand names consider their actions and make amends. It was a good experience to hear from someone who creates “Hijacked marketing ads” or “cultural jamming” as she calls it. I came back to start packing my bags because I could hear the drums rolling for the end of the trip. After I felt satisfied with how i had packed, I went out that night and turned up knowing the next day was a free day for me.