Monday, June 10, 2013


Today we went to one of the biggest museums I think I've ever been to in my life called "Louvre". It was cool because in the program went, well all the cool kids at least. The Louvre, in my opinion, is the size of a small neighborhood and from what I heard, it would take 3 consecutive months to go all the way through it. Personally, museums like that are overwhelming to me, not only because they're massive, but because I'm not an art conneseiuer. We saw some of the more popular paintings such as Venus, Herculus, Jesus, etc. But what amazed me was the fact that people were lined up for miles trying to see the Mona Lisa. People in our group were anxious to see it, but honestly I was not impressed. In my opinion, it's not that much to look at, and the original one is the size of a small poster. If i was going to make a fuss about a painting, it certainly would've been one with a lot more pizzaz. After we left the Louvre, we went to the lock bridge and some of my roommates bought locks and threw the keys in river which was really cool. After that, we went to another museum (forgot the name) but this one was a lot more interesting, and it wasn't nearly as big as the Louvre. Me and two other of my roommates came back to the hostel, and some of them went to the Moulin Rouge, hope they have fun.!