Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2 - Arrival to Paris

Our flight to Paris wasn't too bad since it was a late night flight. Upon entering the Paris airport, I was expecting a long wait for our luggage in addition to another long wait to go through customs.  Both processes were expeditious and refreshing considering we were 17 straight hours into traveling on limited sleep and were jet lagged.  We met up with Dr. V at the airport, who came into Paris on Friday.  

Dr. V guided us to the train from the airport. The most entertaining moment of the ride was when one student wasn't able to get off the metro in time during of the stops and was whisked away with a terrifying look on her face.  The group was also in shock with a few nervous laughters along the way.  Fortunately the student in notice did the smart thing and got off on the very next stop.  Dr. V got on the next train and went and got her.  

From there, the rest of the day was more relaxing and unwinding.  We got to the hostel in one peace, got our room assignments, and then was able to explore the neighborhood a bit during a quest for dinner.  Life in Paris has begun.  Time to make the most of it while meeting new people and learning new perspectives!