Monday, June 10, 2013

June 7 - Lourve, d'Orsay, and Saint Michele

Finally, we had a free day to play! We had a Paris pass that allowed us to go to any museum or attraction over a two-day period.  For the first day, we decided to go to the two most famous museums in Paris, the Lourve and d'Orsay.

The Lourve is the most popular museum in the world, housing the famous Mona Lisa painting as well as endless painting and exhibits from throughout civilization. They say if you look at every item in the building for three seconds, it will take you three months if you do that non-stop without eating or sleeping.  That said, we had to be selective in our choices of what we could look at.  The Mona Lisa exhibit was flooded with people so I took a quick picture and moved on.  While I think it's a beautiful painting, I don't think it was extraordinary and would probably not think much about it unless society and culture told us it was an awesome painting.

The second museum, d'Orsay, was a exquisite museum that used to be a former railroad station. My favorite painting was titled "Deux Fillites" that was in the Van Gogh  section (though it wasn't made by VG).  The museum wasn't overwhelming like the Lourve so I felt it was a more comfortable experience because we didn't have to rush so we could sit back and enjoy the art.

After d'Orsay, we went back to the Saint Michele area since members of my group had not seen Notre Dame.  My roommate and I enjoyed a restaurant nearby while they did the tour at Notre Dame.  Afterward, we enjoyed the Latin Quarter situated within the Saint Michele area.