Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today marked another day where we had to go and attempt to fend for ourselves. Out assignment was to go to a certain district and observe some of the different types of stores they had. It was mostly American stores which was refreshing. I was able to purchase a few items I think were authentic and Parisian. We stopped by a Mcdonalds NOT TO EAT, but to rest and use their wifi. One thing I have discovered is that we base our decision on where to go on where they have the best wifi. After we left the McDonalds, we continued our excursion where we were. We eventually made our way back to the hostel, and went back out into the Latin Quarter, where we found a nightclub. It was free entry which was very different than what we were used to. There were naked men,  good drinks, and a good time; needless to say it was quite enjoyable. Our time in Paris is starting to wind down, and although I'm not sad, I feel like there's so much I still haven't seen.