Friday, June 14, 2013

Château de Versailles, Saturday June 8 (Day 8)

Woke up Saturday morning uninterested in our now ritual breakfast of Bogget and cereal, so i stayed in bed, the rest of the of the class got up and gone to Versilles by 9:00 am but myself and Leke decided to have a chill instead. Lazing around and doing our report was the order of the day before our 1pm personal deadline to set out for the tour, we set out before 1 and completely got messed up transferring from the metro(which we now had the full hang of it) to our sassy new train RATP, well we managed to solve our impasse loosing an hour in the process and eventually got to Versailles around 3 pm. On getting there we were welcomed by a sand load of people who were also there to see the famous Château de Versailles, home to Louis IV of France and his wife Marie Antoinette, the extravagant life style of the French monarchs knew no bounds as the Château was a modern spectacle built in medieval France, the essence and the quintessence of grandeur, housed in Versailles, with gates of gold standing tall before the majestic castle, and sitting behind it was the Gardens of Versailles, which sat on 800 hectares of majestic green, the playground built for the kings wife.
The Interior of the castle was needless to say, tastily furnished in royal crimson and every decor was made to suit the taste and size of the kings ego. They had a ceiling painting that was the largest ever made, and rooms that each could be a mansion on its own, beautiful architecture all round, magnificent arts at every nook and cranny and a splendid job by all that kept the place intact for us to visit. We had a late launch/ dinner after spending about 3.5 hours in the Castle and had the best chicken I have since I got to Paris and then went home. I parked my bags getting ready for the Brussels trip and spent the last few hours at the Latin Quarters.