Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazing St-Pierre de Montmarte and The Superlative Eiffel tower: June 4

Start day full of energy and enthusiasm to execute my schedule for the day, unfortunately got Nicolas wine store at 9 am for my first interview and the store is not yet open. I was a little disappointed about the man not keeping up to the appointment. At 10am I set out for my second interview for the day at Bo Zinc Café at avenue Mozart. Though a little bit behind schedule to arrive at the avenue because I didn’t expect the train will take longer than 30 minutes to the last stop. It took me several minutes before I could locate the place because there was no obvious sign for the café. Quite disappointed, the person waiting for me left like 5 minutes before I identified the place.
However, I returned back to the coffee café and spoke to the attendance if I could public phone around. I was perplexed by the kind gesture of the guy. He offered me to use his phone to call and I was able to get in touch with the owner of Dominus Wine. I returned back to the hostel with hope to reschedule my meeting with her later before we left Paris. On my way back, I found Nicolas Wine store open and I quickly utilized the opportunity to get back on my first interview. The man was very nice but doesn’t really understand English so much that it really hard for him answering most of my question, though he did his best and I was really pleased with his altitude.
In the afternoon, the whole group proceeds for the visit to the US Embassy, Paris. We had to go through thorough security screen as usually before allowing us access to the Embassy. We had two section presentations at Embassy. The first presenters spoke on the Eurozone economic crisis while the second speaker the head of the FBI in the embassy talked about the roles they play in liaison with the French on issues such as combating terrorism, money laundry and cyber-crime e.t.c. It was a very educative and informative section, though that was not what I was expecting at the Embassy. My thought was a presentation of the activities and function of US embassy and a tour.
Immediately after we finished at the embassy, proceed to the St-Pierre de Montmarte and on getting there I was amazed seeing the great architectural work of all time built long time ago. Also, standing in front of the church you get to see the beauty of Paris. Seeing the whole city for the top of the hill and people came all over the world to this place, that was very interesting.
Finally, I took a trip with friends to the superlative Eiffel tower. I found myself not see a picture of the tower or having a glance from afar but in reality at the tower. It was an awesome was to end my day.