Monday, June 10, 2013

Transition Day!!!!!!: Day 9: Sunday June 9, 2013

Paris was very interesting but we had to leave for Brussels. We boarded the SCNF high speed train called thalys from Paris to Brussels. It’s very fast, convenient and comfortable. It took us about an hour thirty minutes to arrive at Brussels.
Before we alighted in Brussels, there is a special announcement that we should watch out for pick pocketers. I thought it wasn’t anything serious until the moment that we were getting off the metro within Brussels. These guys actually pick pocketed our Professor but being an experience person that understands how pick pocketers operates he took charge and halt the train from leaving. These guys had to release his wallet when he ordered the train driver to call the cops.
Finally, the situation was brought under control and we proceeded to the new hostel which was more spacious and convenient than Paris hostel. After we got our room, I quickly took an hour nap and woke up some minutes before 7pm for dinner. It was a delicious meal that I can describe as a warm welcome to Brussels. At 8pm, we had a meeting so as to inform us about the norms of the hostel and some house keeping rules.