Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Godmother Films: Day 20: Thursday June 20, 2013

Today, my plan was to complete my research work in Amsterdam by getting my remaining interviews done before the presentation by a film producer scheduled for 5:30pm in the evening. I spent some time to write some of my previous blog before going out at 11am for my research. I left the hostel with Kay again with the hope of find some alcoholic beverages store the way as he preceded to the already mapped our sport retail stores.
We went to some sport retail stores together but as he entered into Puma store, we agreed to slit so that I go ahead to the nearby wine store. Unfortunately, we didn’t see each other again through the trip until we met back at the hostel. I visited another Gall and Gall wine store and conducted interview with the store manager. I then walked about 50 meters up to another liquor and wine store which has been in existence for the past 22 years. After I left the store, I walked around dam square maybe I could find another liquor or wine retail store but all to no avail.
I returned to the hostel at about 3.40pm and get myself ready for the presentation scheduled for the evening. The presenter is an Underground filmmaker named Zoe D'Amaro. She was originally from Italy. She narrated how they started the Godmother films, her experience and some of the works they are doing such as documentaries, commercials and branded contents and so on. She also showed us some of the video of their commercials and wasn’t able to show other online because Stayokay’s internet messed us up. It was very interesting to see the creative and wonderful work and her determination to change the world through the media. She recommended for us to watch on their website other commercials that we didn’t have the opportunity to see during the presentation. Finally, I had to interview one of the receptionists at the hostel for my Amsterdam nationality interview.