Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sacred hearts and Eiffel lightings, June 4(Day Four)

The day started on a lazy note, I tried to get of my bed at my usual 7:00 am but only succeeded when I knew an extra 15 mins of sleep would mean I miss breakfast, and I wasn’t planning on missing breakfast so I dragged my lazy behind up. After breakfast, I took a quick cold shower(the water was like cold spears through my skin) and it was time to go out for the day. Myself and Leke set out to Le Mozart Avenue to meet someone Leke was suppose to interview, on the way there I caught the first full view of the Eiffel Tower and I swear it was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen, it stood tall and daring in the city and was a beautiful sight to behold. We came back to the hostel just in time to meet the US Embassy visit , we all left the hostel to the subway Got on M12 and road through the vast tunnels of Paris. We got to the Embassy had to go through efficient but not hectic security procedure the Embassy was a three story grand Parisian building that had very big doors and small elevators, we were escorted to a large conference room with books everywhere, where we had two presenters talk to us. The first, presenters were from the Economic office of the US embassy and had served in many missions ranging from West Africa, to India, China, Afghanistan, Greece before finding them self in Paris. They talked about the Eurozone and the problems faced by Greece, Italy and France in the zone, how Germany rose from being the sick baby in the zone to being the strongest. The other presenter was the head of the FBI in the embassy and spoke on the role he plays in liaison with the French military to ensure they have the same priorities in terms of Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, money laundry and cyber crime. We finished the visit and I was ready to go back to the hostel and hit the bed, but well……it didn’t happen that way, common am in Paris!!!!! Myself, Leke and Trey decided to go to the Sacred Heart, it sat grand on a mountain at the highest point in Paris, I could see the whole Paris in its beauty and grandeur from there, and the arts and the painting in and around the sacred heart was mind blowing, needless to talk about the landscape, we planned to be there for just 1 hour but ended up spending 4 hours, whew!!! I eat a hot dog on my way back to the hostel and taught I was finally coming to re-enact my romance with my bed, but again I had another Paris I’m in Paris moment and was ready to set out again, this time to see the LIGHTEN OF THE EIFFEL, it was beyond my imagination to stand beneath the Eiffel and take pictures, it was mind blowing. I didn’t climb the Eifel this time cause I was told I couldn’t get to top, but well I promised myself I would be back to step on its head. I eventually called it a night at 1:00 am .