Monday, June 3, 2013

The Journey Begins: June 1

After so much anticipation, I arrived at Nashville International airport at about 12.15pm to begin the journey to the three great European capitals (Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands). After all participants had gathered at the departure area, we proceeded to check in and pass through the necessary security checks, then to the waiting area ready for journey ahead with great expectation. This interesting and exciting trip started by first flying to Hartsfield-Jackson airport Atlanta to connect the flight that will take us to Paris, France. We landed at Atlanta at about 4pm and layover of about 6 hours boarding the flight to Paris. I had lunch/dinner at Hartsfield-Jackson airport Atlanta where we spent most time of the day and also got to mingle with other students while waiting for the main flight to Paris. We finally boarded the plane to Paris and the day ended on board as we en-route to Paris.