Monday, June 17, 2013

Brussels Last Trip: Day 14: Friday June 14, 2013

It was our last day in Brussels, Belgium and “our museum day”. After breakfast, I chilled a while in the hostel to get some of my reports done and plan my tour for the day. I decided to go see the natural science museum because it was close to our hostel. I got there by 12.30pm and I have to leave before 1.30pm because I had to meet up with a longtime friend at Hostel. It was amazing to see different kinds of collections of animals, stones and natural resources in the museum. I glanced through the museum within an hour and it was really interesting to see this wonderful collections.
I hooked up with my friend at the city2 mall for lunch where I had the best chicken ever in Brussels. By 3.30pm, Kay and I headed to the Atomium and Mini-Europe but it was too late to experience the two attractions. We decided to go for the Atomium which really paid off because we were able to see the mini-Europe from the Atomium. I was a little disappointed after coming down from the top of the Atomium because I expected to see more interesting things that just the panorama of Belgium.
However, the experience at the Atomium wasn’t too bad because I took a couple of great pictures over there. I then returned back to city2 mall maybe I could get some last minute items to buy but there wasn’t anything so special. I got back to the hostel for dinner and prepare my luggage for the journey to Amsterdam.