Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Monk’s have got a hobby: Brewing Beer, June 13 (Day 13)

The Cantillion is the only one of the old breweries that have survived through the ages. Founded in 1900 by Paul Cantillion, the brewery has stayed the same way since the 1900’s at its inception with no increase in capacity and storage space, although in the early 1900’s to the last two decades of the 20th century the brewery suffered a lots of hits and only managed to stay up by its whiskers, many of the order breweries in town died except for this one which was running efficiently but was underused because there was no plan to expand. They however had a comparative advantage that other brewers did not have in that the founder of the Brewery was the only brew master and passed the touch over to his soon, and the brew master right now is the fourth generation of Cantillion to be brew masters, this most have helped them a lot because money could not be offered to ur brew master to make him work for a new company because the brew master was also a part owner of the inheritance. After we left the brewery we went down to the mall on Louis Street, It was a mall that housed some of the biggest designer names, the things they sold there were unbelievably pricey it was surprising people ever patronized them, we walked into the hugo boss store and immediately we walked in the attendant had a look on his face that said this people can’t afford anything here, we took the simplest looking stuff, a belt, looked for the price tag, but didn’t find any (maybe because the people that patronized them don’t look at price tags), we asked the sharply dressed attendant and he said 350 euro, at that point we knew it was time to get out of there. On our way back myself and Leke picked up some good food from Happy Fish at the City mall 2 and walked straight to the hotel with semi filled belly with just enough space for dinner.