Wednesday, June 5, 2013

US Embassy & Eiffel Tower - June 4

We spent the afternoon visiting the US Embassy here in Paris.  I expected a fluff tour of the embassy with some highlights of Benjamin Franklin, but ended up with a hour-long presentation of substance.  

Walking inside the entrance was quite grand.  It was a classic Parisian building and had a noble feel to it.  When you walk in, there are large photos of President Obama and Vice President Biden.  On the walls are engraved names of all the ambassadors the US has had.  The impressive list of names include Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.  You can feel the history just in the lobby alone.  

We were then escorted to a large conference room filled with historic books from the ceiling to the floor.  There were two separate presentations that included topics about the EuroZone and counter-terrorism.  It was interesting to learn about the tax system in France as well as how the FBI works with French intelligence to work on collaborative efforts.  

Later in the evening, some friends and I went to the magnificent Eiffel Tower.  It was larger than I imagined but beautiful nonetheless.  We climbed the first 669 stairs, saw the amazing views, and took plenty of pictures.