Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flight Home - June 22

Sadly after an amazing three weeks, it was closing time for our trip.  Dr. V told us to be downstairs at 7:00 for taxis to take us to the airport.  We all packed the night before so two of us in the room set our alarms for 6:00.  This would all give us some time to get ready, finalize our packing, and still give us some breathing room for some fruit and start saying our goodbyes.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen because both of us turned off our alarms without hitting snooze and all of us overslept until 6:40, leaving us 20 minutes to get ready, finalize our packing and get downstairs.  We ended up getting down there at 7:05 and were the last group to leave.  Not our finest moment but I was still impressed we could get ready that quickly considering the circumstances. 
The 10-hour flight actually flew by pretty quickly (no pun intended), though the long layover in Detroit was brutal.  It did give us all a good chance to say goodbye and appreciate the times we had.