Thursday, June 20, 2013

Travel Day to Amsterdam - June 15

It was time to depart Brussels and begin our voyage to Amsterdam.  I have been looking forward to it because I wasn't overly impressed with Brussels.  I love the beer and I love the Old Town market, but the city was dirty, petty crime is high, and it just doesn't have the architectural feel of other European cities that I have been to.

I was pretty excited to take the high speed train again.  I am such a proponent of high speed trains.  They are quiet, fast, and it is so fun to see farms and cities during comfortable travel.  I took a few videos on my iPhone of our trip to Amsterdam, including seeing modern windmills in action as we were blowing by them.

Since we have been on the go, most of us were pretty tired when we got to the hostel in Amsterdam.  For the most part, we have the same room arrangements as Paris and Brussels.  The hostel in Amsterdam is nicer but I still liked the hostel in Brussels the most.  The hostel in Amsterdam is more commercial and I don't like that we do not have WiFi in our rooms like we did in Brussels.  That said, I really really enjoy that we can change temperatures in the shower.  That makes up for not having WiFi in my room!