Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Today we didn't have to wake up as early (thankfully), we had class from noon to 2pm, where we discussed marketing segmenting and branding. I found this to be one of the more interesting topics of the book because it is fascinating to see what lengths and strategies companies will go through to target their audience. After we had class, we went out to explore one of the biggest street markets I have ever seen. I was hesitant to try a fallafel, but after a free sample, I was sold. While eating lunch, we met a older woman who complained about living in Amsterdam. She told us that what we were seeing was a facade and it was all fake. She said everything was not as legal as it seemed, and there was limited political and social freedom in Holland. I found this to be quite interesting, because most people have the perception that Amsterdam is wild, free, and liberal. The talk made me look at Amsterdam a little bit differently, and not to take everything for face value.After we left lunch, we walked around the market some more, and went back to the hostel. I'm excited because we're supposed to be going to Rotterdam tomorrow.