Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rotterdam, June 19, 2013

      Our days in Europe are winding down and we will be home in a few days. It’s a bizarre feeling, but it helps me to try and cherish the time I have left. I might not be able to travel ever again, so I’m treating this opportunity as such.
Rotterdam was our destination for the day, and I was mainly excited about riding around the town on bicycle. I had yet another run-in with a tram and almost died again. Good thing I was on a bike though. It’s really tough to navigate the busy streets of Amsterdam for the first time. Despite my near death experience, it was cool to see the world’s third largest port. We took a tour of the port by boat, and I really couldn’t believe a port could be so big. Afterwards we went to the EuroMast and got to go up to the very top of the tower. From the top, we could see the entire city and the blurry horizon. It was great to see the city in its entirety from bird’s eye view, and it also gave me time to put everything into perspective. When you’re travelling you get caught up in what you’re doing and forget to think about how you’re in a completely different country, far away from home. I’m practically in another world. Once again, it was an experience that helped me cherish this amazing trip I have been on.