Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Amsterdam Rainy Day: Day 21: Friday June 21, 2013

Today is our last day in Amsterdam and the final moment of our study abroad at the three great European capitals. I planned to step out by 9am to proceed to visit the museums I wanted to see but it was rainy cat and dog and I couldn’t set out as planned. Eventually, the rain reduced and I decided to structure my plan together with Kay’s plan since we wanted to see two museums in common. We decided to start the excursion at Anne Frank’s house but as we stepped out of the tram the rain becomes heavier that Kay’s little umbrella couldn’t work again. I had to return to the hostel back to pick my rain poncho because it’s going to rain all day.
I had to restructure my plan for the day, left the hostel back by some minute past 12pm. I started my excursion at the Amsterdam museum where I spent about two hours listening and reading about the history and origin of Amsterdam. It was very interesting to see a camera that displays some pictures of some significant places in Amsterdam some century ago and the same place in 1999. The transformation is huge. I was also thrilled by the DNA of Amsterdam and the exhibition room. It was very nice to understand the culture and nature of Amsterdam people.
However, I couldn’t meet up Kay again and didn’t see any member of the Tncis group at the Amsterdam museum. I left for the Van Gogh museum to see the wonderful art works of this famous artist. I spent about an hour to see all the art works. I decided to take the same stairways from the third floor down to the ground floor maybe I could meet Kay coming in. fortunately, as I was getting to the ground floor I met him coming inside and I had to see all the art works again from the beginning again with him. I had to spend another one hour. After which we left for the hostel and decided to go back for the Heineken experience.
Again, on our way going Kay decided he needed to get some souvenirs that he will meet me at the Heineken experience venue and we missed each other the second time. I had to leave back because I won’t be able to complete the experience and meet up for dinner and the Amsterdam canal cruise schedule for the night. On my way back to the hostel, I decided to play chess at in front of the complex nearby the Holland casino. I meet a man called Cisse and we played chess together. I was so glad I beat him that he had to resign and everybody there wanted to play with me but I had to return to the hostel because it’s time for dinner. We ended the day with a nice boat canal cruise round the city of Amsterdam and really enjoy the boat ride.