Friday, June 14, 2013

Brussels awaits its fresh prince, Sunday June 9(Day 9)

It’s been real Paris, but your boy has got to go, it with really chill with you but like some love stories we met to part to meet again, those were my words to the city. I had a great time in Paris as my previous posts might have suggested or even explicitly said, but that morning when I picked up my luggage and was ready to leave I definitely knew I would come back to Paris to party with the rockstars, lol. We left the hostel in batches because by now we had all mastered the metro in Paris and have also learnt our lesson from managing a large group. We got to our station on Voluntaires and took the train to Montepasse Bienvien where we had to get on M4 and take the train to the Fast train station. We missed our initial train because the ticket was misread, but got on the train by our professors ingenuity (I love that man #nohomo). It was a smooth ride to Brussels even thou I had some youngies travelling in the same coach as me and they couldn’t stop talking all the way, I wished they had peanuts or chewing gum to keep their mouth busy and help them shut up, but well..... we took another train from that terminal to Botanique the stop for our hostel, as we were getting off some random dude tried to pick our professors pocket and I must confess they were pretty sleek about it, but they met their match in him as he ground the train to an halt till the wallet was recovered. We got to the hostel and it was an upgrade from Paris, with a garden, pool table and a bar in it, we had a short orientation had dinner and I went straight to sleep, woke up a few hours later had some conversation and went back to bed.