Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brussels Walking Tour - June 13

I went with the Sociology group on a walking tour through Brussels.  My expectations were somewhat low because during my walkabouts throughout Brussels, the only area that truly interested me was in Old Town.  It is this area that surrounds this great market area that was the center of the city in yesteryear.  

I participated in a walking tour while in Paris and had a superb tour guide while we looked at superb sites throughout Paris.  Unfortunately with this tour, our guide didn't speak much English and had an awkward sense of humor.  

The highlight of the tour was seeing the "peeing boy".  What I did not know was that it was a copy and it had been stolen three times.  One of the times was after Napoleon and his French army was in control of the city.  A soldier stole it and returned it to Paris.  The Belgian government asked for it back and as a result, Napoleon knighted the statue so French soldiers had to salute it whenever they walked past it.  Now, they dress up the naked boy twice a week and have over 300 outfits.  There is also a "peeing girl" created by the Delirium cafe.  Words just can't do justice on that one.