Sunday, June 9, 2013


I had to go the Western Union today to have my mom wire me some more money. Although it was a pretty lengthy walk, I was proud of the fact that I did it by myself. After we came back, we all went to the counterfeit museum on another excursion. The counterfeit museum was small, but it had a lot of interesting pieces; such as counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags, shoes, and artwork. After we left the museum, we went to an authentic falafel place, which was probably the best meal I've had since I've been in Paris ( and that fact that we didnt have to pay was refereshing too). We explored the Jewish quarter a little bit, then Dr. V took us on a tour of some of Paris' most beautiful parks The parks here are soo different from the ones in America. Everyone's laying of the grass having fun, running, doing yoga, any sort of outdoor activity. We went and visited the Chatet-Lyseau (sp) where a lot of tourism attraction are such as the Nike Factory, H&M, etc were located. We sat and had drinks at a restaurant and I got to meet Naomi Campbell. I was so excited and she was super nice to me, despite the rumors about her. That was probably my favorite part of the day. At first I was a little homesick, but I think I am adjusting to Paris quite nicely, and am having a really good experience so far.