Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 5: June 5, 2013: Musee de la contrefacon & Paris Street Walk

I was having no plans for the day than the group schedule visits for the day and hoping to go for Paris saint German stadium tour later in the evening. After breakfast I accompany Kay to Champs Ellyees where sports apparel stores are located. We were able to visit three stores. We are time conscious because our group is to meet at the Hostel by 1.30pm to go for the visit to counterfeits museum (Musee de la contrefacon).  We explore Champs Ellyees for a while after Kay finished his third interview for the day.
 Then headed to the counterfeits museum with the group. As we were going I kept on think what kind of collection the museum is going to be parading. It was amazing to see a counterfeit cigarette. Within less than an hour, we had seen all the collection of items in the museum because the museum was small and we didn’t have museum official to give some explanation on most of this items.
After that Dr. V took us for lunch at Las du Fallafel located at the Jewish district at St. Paul. The food was very delicious and I ate till I couldn’t even finish the food. Everyone had a good time at lunch and we proceeded to the desert shop nearby to top the food. Thereafter, we started a walk through Paris from there and explore different parks as we walked across. We are able to see the beautiful of Paris and its wonderful architecture and gardens. After walking more than 2 miles, Dr. V and some group headed back to the Hostel and the rest of us left for Champs Ellyees back.
As we continue to having fun and explore the city of Paris, we learn the about the culture and kept interacting with different people. While waiting at L’atelier Renault restaurant Bar for some members of the group to return back, I used the opportunity to conduct my interview with a native of Paris named Yaya. It was quite interesting that Yaya didn’t go to college because of the love of money. I was quite tired and had a wonderful day but too bad didn’t see PSG stadium.