Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 15: Travel Day/First Day in Amsterdam.

Today was our travel day, and it went a lot more smoothly than last time. Luckily, the train station was only about 3 blocks away from our hostel. The metro just happened to be located in the same area where our train station was which was convenient. We waited for about an hour then we boarded the train to Amsterdam. When we arrived, the first thing we smelled was the alluring smell of marijuana. It was all throughout the train station. We had to take a tram which was the most complicated experience. We had choice of three different lines, and all of them were extremely small. We could only fit like 5 people at a time, and that was with our luggage. We arrived at the hostel which is the nicest one we've stayed at so far. Only bad part is: they don't have wifi in the rooms.!!!! It's one of the worst things ever. We passed by so many parts of the city, and i am excited to explore. Everybody seems a lot more relaxed here in Amsterdam, and city seems easier to navigate. We had dinner around 7, and it was much better than some of things we had had in Brussels. I am curious to see what else Amsterdam has to offer.