Friday, June 14, 2013

Cantillon Brewery!!! Day 13: Thursday June 13, 2013

The starts with great anticipation of getting my plans for the day accomplished. The first thing on my list is to go for my research work at the Cantillon brewery. Kay and I set to motion and hit the Metro. I was wondering how the traditional brewery is going to look like.  Two stops on our way going, we had to return to the hostel because the “camera has borrowed Kay’s laptop its memory”. We rushed back to the hostel to get memory card, then straight to the Cantillon brewery.
It was difficult to locate the brewery using Brussels map. I had to utilize my technical skills of geography to this small but complicated map using different landmarks represented on the map. Finally, we arrived at this traditional brewery and I first thought it just a warehouse where they store beers. But to my surprise it is actually where the home of the famous Lambic beer. We went through the different stages of production of the beer. It was an interesting thing to know that the brewery has been in existence since 1900 and now it’s managed by the fourth generation of the family. 

Left the brewery about 1pm, then we went to Loiuse galleria mall for the retail comparison assignment. We observed several stores such as Hugo Boss, Versace, Tiffany and co. among others. I did some pricing and enter some store to have a little bit of an insight of their customer service. After that, we took some walk round this part of the city and got to a place where we had a panorama of Brussels.
My lunch at happy fish restaurant was funny because the attendant doesn’t speak English. Thank God the guy that stood beside helped in interpreting the café attendant question to English for me. Otherwise, I would have gone somewhere else to eat. This made me see and understand how language proficiency can boost your sales when in an environment that requires been multilingual. From there, I went for my last task of the day which is my last interview in Brussels. The store named “De Biertempel”. Belguim is known as the homeland of beers while the De Biertempel is a retail store for all Belgium beers. The guy I met there was super busy but I managed my way to ask him some few question. I returned back to the hostel at about 6.30pm fulfilled having accomplished all tasks for the day.