Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bye Amsterdam: Day 22: Saturday June 22, 2013

Finally, the trip is over, we had to leave for the United States back. It was an interesting experience so that I wished it never come to an end yet. By 7am in the morning, I was ready for the airport and it was so sad that we had to leave without having breakfast. We took the taxi to the airport and we board the plane to the US at about 9.50am. It was an over 7 hours flight to Detroit, Michigan. I was glad that the airplane is better than the one we boarded to Paris because everyone could watch their movies individually.
Though, I was sleepy but the movie I found on board is very interesting that I had to select two good movies to watch during the journey. After I had finished watching the first movie titled “The Silver linings playbook”, I took a nap for some minutes. I later watched the second movie and had a smooth flight to Detroit. We landed at exactly 1.26pm local time and I was a little bit worried that we are going to have a layover of about seven hour to board our flight to Nashville.
It was frustrating staying at the boring Detroit airport for more than eight hours. We are scheduled for a flight of 9.52pm but it was later delayed to 11:15pm. The most annoying part of the whole scenario is that the plane to take us is ready whereas there is no flight crew and pilots on ground. At last, the crews arrived and we departed Michigan only to arrive at Nashville International airport at 12 mid-night. I got home very tired, ate and go to bed immediately.