Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 13: Another Day Tour

Today, we went out with our greeter Paul again. We visited some more different places to shop. This time, it felt like we saw some of the more neighborhood parts of Brussels. We went to another shopping plaza, and even ate some more Belgian Waffles. We visited a store that was like Target, and found some authentic Belgian chocolate. I learned what a "siesta" is. It is when the city shuts down for a couple of hours for what appears to be a "rest". To me, it just seems like a lazy way to get out of working an 8 hour day. We visited a famous bar in Belgium called "Delirium". It was a bar that was located in the basement part of an establishment. It had over 3,000 flavors of beer. It had glasses of different beers that were longer made on display. I thought it was pretty interesting to see all the different types of beers that were longer in existence. Later that evening, some people from class went around to some of the shopping plazas that were around. A lot of places close very early in Brussels. Some places closed as early as 6 o clock. ! Tomorrow is our last day in Brussels, and I can't say I'm that sad. It's an ugly city, but to the people that live there, they love it. One of their biggest attratctions is the "Pissing Boy", where the original statue is on display in a museum because people kept stealing it. To me, it seems like a silly attraction, but everybody seems to wanna see the "Pissing Boy"!