Monday, June 3, 2013

Departure Day, June 1, 2013

            Preparing for this trip was stressful, considering the fact that it is my first time travelling out of the country. On top of that new experience, I have also never been on a plane before, so thusly, I was very nervous about being prepared for my trip. But it turned out that everything went smoothly, and I was on my way to Atlanta then Paris as planned. I was nervous about the plane ride itself, but it turned out that I really enjoyed it. I found it to be easy to relax and have fun with the turbulence rather than being scared of it. Another thing that relaxed my nerves about the trip was the fact that I made friends with my fellow peers. That made things go by a lot easier. I suggest to other travelers to go out of their comfort zone and try to be friendly, because in the end, it pays off.

I will land in Paris by tomorrow. Hopefully I wont get jet lag too bad.